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SPINX Stations
Place New Warning Decals for Static Refueling Fires

By Steve Fowler, Fowler Associates, Inc

SPINX Oil Company will become the first in the nation to make vehicle re-fueling more safe by placing these decals on all pumps. They should be in place in a few weeks. These decals are made by 5 TAU, LLC in Miami and are called "StaTouch"*. The new static dissipative labels are not just a warning label. They provide a method to gently get rid of a person's static with little or no spark. This makes discharging one's static safe and comfortable.


The decals are a result of Stewart Spink's continuing efforts to make the act of refueling a vehicle as safe as possible. After our series on vehicle refueling fires and the media coverage of several fires, SPINX and 5 Tau worked together to get a static safe label in place to not only warn the refueling public of the dangers but to give a visible place for them to discharge their static before going to the nozzle area. The sign is made from static dissipative material which is bonded to the dispensing pump thus allowing the static charges on person to be gently taken away
with no spark!

At almost 80 stations around South Carolina and North Carolina, SPINX will place about 1500 static dissipative warning labels.



These will warn about the main points of refueling dangers:

1. Discharge your static each time you approach the nozzle.

2. In case of fire, do not pull the nozzle out of the car.

3. Get away - get help - to shut off fuel and fight fire.


SPINX will also have the nozzle covers labeled with a warning to not remove the nozzle in case of fire.

With the efforts of SPINX and Patlon, there should be less fires at the pump and no injuries. If we all follow their lead, we can make refueling a safer act.


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*"StaTouch "is a trademark of 5 Tau, LLC- Patent Applied for


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