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Static Smart at Gas Stations
By Jennifer Hazen, Editor-in-Chief

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With the increase in gasoline refueling fires, the following suggestions will save your life or that of someone else:

  1. Never allow your vehicle to have less than 1/4 tank of gasoline when refueling..
  2. Never Allow Children to refuel a vehicle.
  3. Never have children in the vehicle during refueling.
  4. Turn off the vehicle before refueling.
  5. Never smoke near a gasoline station or especially during refueling.
  6. Every time you exit the vehicle, discharge the static on yourself by touching the metal of your vehicle away from the fuel door area.
  7. Every time you approach the fuel dispencing pump, discharge the static on yourself by touching the metal parts of the pump away from the nozzle area.
  8. Refuel the vehicle slowly until you have at least 1/4 to 1/2 tank full. Then you may refuel at the maximum rate.
  9. Never use the auto-latch feature of a nozzle if available. Stay there with your hand on the nozzle.
  10. Never get back in the vehicle during refueling.

And the most important thing to remember if a fire occurs during refueling:

Never, Never pull the nozzle out of the vehicle.

  • The car will not explode.
  • Run away
  • Get help
  • Ask the attendent to shut down the pumps
  • Get a fire extinguisher
  • You have time, don't make it worse.

Many of those killed or hurt during refueling fires think that by pulling the nozzle out they will save themselves, their vehicle or those around them. Nothing is further from the truth. The inferno comes from the nozzle being pulled out and the gasoline being sprayed all around the area. Many people believe that if they pull out the nozzle, the gasoline will stop being pumped. Some of those are no longer with us to hear the truth. The nozzle most likely will not cut off the flow and the inferno so feared by the person in a panic will become reality in a flash of hell.

Of all the things to remember, please remember this:

In case of a fire,

Never, Never pull the nozzle out of the vehicle.

There is no need to have a fear of refueling if you are mindful. Hopefully some day the oil and auto industries will post reminders for us. Warnings should be in clear view both as you approach the dispencing pump, on the nozzle and on the car in the fuel port area. We don't think of static until it is too late. Is it too much to ask for a little warning?






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