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The ESD Journal is the only trade magazine dedicated to the electrostatic industry -
and IT IS ALL ON-LINE. This means reaching potential customers on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost for 4-color printed magazines. With our on-line magazine and its hot link capabilities, you may have as detailed an advertisement, as your imagination will create. Our chat room, daily news stories and other features make your advertisement a frequent stop for your customers. In printed magazines only a few of the people who read the magazine see any particular advertisement, and they typically only pick up the magazine once or twice per issue. With our on-line format we give the readers ample reasons to visit often thus increasing the value of all advertisements. Don't put your advertisement dollars in magazines that become stale within days.

The ESD Journal has been on-line for over 9 years. During this time we have never attempted to "spam" the industry to increase our reader base. We have built the over 220,000 visits per month one reader at a time by reporting on items of importance to ESD professionals. We have built this base of industry readers by being active in the committees and companies serving the industry. Our experts are active in the ESD Association and ASTM.

We have become the "portal" for the ESD Industry. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Motorola list our magazine as one of their "to be viewed" references.

"I liken it to a USA Today for ESD control."
Corporate Marketing Manager of a major ESD Distributor

Unlike "ink & paper" magazines, the ESD Journal's over 220,000 visits per month are pre-qualified since the readers made the effort to seek out the magazine on-line. Advertisers of the ESD Journal are likely to have their ad seen 220,000 times per month.

In normal trade magazines (as in all paper form magazines), only about
6% of those that pick up the magazine will see a particular advertisement.
Henderson Advertising

One major trade magazine for our industry has approximately 80,000 subscribers per month. Which means that only 4,800 people may see a particular advertisement and, it is unlikely that the magazine will be read more than once.

The ESD Journal is the only trade magazine in the industry with its own labs and experts for testing products, ideas, theories, inventions and products. We have been likened to the "Consumer Report" for the electrostatics industry.

The ESD Journal changes daily and is read by some ESD industry personnel four or more times per month. Advertising dollars are much more cost efficient on the ESD Journal than any other magazine for the ESD industry-paper or cyber.

Main Offices Stephen L. Fowler - Publisher
3551 Moore-Duncan Hwy. Jennifer Hazen - Editor-in-Chief
Moore, SC 29369 Steve Waldrop - Associate Editor
Tel: 864-574-6415  
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How Do I Advertise In ESD Journal?
Advertising in ESD Journal is easy. Simply E-mail the information to us at

We also offer hosting your own web site internal to our magazine. In effect your advertisement becomes many pages deep.

Email ( or Call (864-574-6415) Jennifer for details.

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