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Stanford Student’s Design for Enhancing Electrostatic Discharge Protection Wins Both “Best Paper” and “Best Student Paper” Awards at Prestigious IEEE Conference

Expanded University-Industry Collaboration Model Demonstrates Its Effectiveness by Winning Multiple Awards at Prestigious IEEE and SRC Conferences

A Unified Theory of Electrification in Natural Processes- by Thomas Prevenslik (word document)

The Control of Risks from Static Electricity - by John Chubb

Can Radioactive Sources Produce Ozone - by Stephen Fowler, Fowler Associates

Surface Resistance - by William Klein of K&S Labs

Shock Horror Probe- the World of a Static Electricity Consultant - Dr. Jeremy Smallwood - Electrostatic Solutions

Single Particles Do Not Exhibit Wave-like Behavior - by BingXin Gong (pdf. 11KB)

The Classical Electrodynamics Approach to Explain the Photoelectric Effect and the Photoelectric Emission- by BingXin Gong (pdf. 93KB)

The Uncertainty Principle is Untenable- by BingXin Gong (pdf. 43KB)

The Chemistry of Dissipative Plastics- by Dr. Marv Havens. 100-kByte Word document

Electric Health - We run on electricity. So why not connect us up to an outlet?

Surge Suppressor Fires - Written by Jim Pharr, Fire Marshall-Gaston County, North Carolina

Cell Phone Usage At Gasoline Stations - Prepared by Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Menlo Park, California

Method For Testing The Electrostatic Suitability Of Materials - Basis for new British Standard, by John Chubb

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves - a popular choice in highly ESD sensitive critical environment manufacturing, by Steve Fowler, Fowler Associates, Inc.

New Test Method Proposed by John Chubb

Conduct Yourself Properly-The product is shoes, but the passion is health, by Mel Cheskin

Using Electrostatic Discharge Test Method for full Characterization of Dissipative and Conductive Materials by Ber-Chin Yap & Larry Fromm

Study on Efficiency of Nanometer Eruptive Generated Aerosol Fireproof and Anti-explosive Agent

Revisiting EOS/ESD Technology Technical Articles

Flow Electrification by Cavity QED - by T. V. Prevenslik

The Casimir Force - Neutral or Electrostatic? - by T. V. Prevenslik

Electrostatic Hazard Risk Management in Coating and Printing on Moving Webs - by Mark Blitshteyn

Can Clean Room Garments Create Electrostatic Risks? - paper by John Chubb

Comments On Approaches for Measurement of Charge Decay - by John Chubb

Characterizing the Properties of Low Charging Materials -by Toni Viheriäkoski and Lassi Sutela

Revised - Flow Electrification and Cavity QED (Response to the TWA Article)

Report on the Risk of Static Ignition During Vehicle Refueling- A study of the Available Research -Dr. Jeremy Smallwood- Electrostatic Solutions Ltd

An Eye-Opener on Static: It Can Be Controlled on Rewinders -By Mark Blitshteyn and Michael Anderson

ESD Flooring-The technical paper by Fowler, Klein & Fromm

Evaluation of Materials Used in Cleanrooms with ESD Sensitive Hardware

T. V. Prevenslik Responds to TWA Articles- He believes static may still be the cause of other aircraft disasters.


Dr. Neil Cherry Explores the Link between Electromagnetic Fields of Power Lines and Effects on Health, Especially Young Children.

Historical Evidence that Residential Electrification Caused the Emergence of the Childhood Leukemia Peak- by S. Milham and E.M. Ossiander

ESD Glove Tests- Steve Fowler's article concerning ESD testing on Gloves for Ansell Golden Needles

A Guide to Implementing the Technical Report IEC61340-5-1 & 2:Jeremy Smallwood - Electrostatic Solutions

Did ESD Cause Military IR Flare Mixtures to Ignite? A paper by Dr. Dillehay on early 1990's incident investigation

Bubbles and Steam Electricity - New Paper by T.V. Prevenslik

The Control of Body Voltage Getting Out of a Car
by John Chubb

Triboelectric Generation: Getting Charged - a new paper by Ryne Allen

Response to Steve Fowler's Article "Electrical Hazards"

Electrical Hazards - by Stephen Fowler, Fowler Associates

Raising the Standard at Raytheon - By Bruce Stephens

Do We Have an Accelerated Aging Test for Packaging? - by Steve Fowler

Review of Ansi z41-1999 by Steve Fowler

Short Term Balance Properties of Various Ionizers by Carl Newberg and Larry Levit

Ohms Per Square What! by Gene Chase
Ohms Per Square What! by Steve Fowler

Revisited - Factors Affecting Shoe Resistance While Being Worn- Steve Fowler, Fowler Associates, Inc.

Understanding ESD Damage to Magnetoresistive (MR) Recording Heads - Al Wallash, Quantum Corp.

Packaging for the 21st Century - Steve Fowler's most requested technical paper is now downloadable in Word 97 format.

The Perfect ESD Shoe!- Steve Fowler, Fowler Associates, Inc.
At the 21st EOS/ESD Symposium Held in Orlando, Florida Meir Golane gave a paper on ESD Floor/Shoe System Characteristics. He may have developed the perfect ESD shoe material.

ESD Control, ROI (Return on Investment)- by Ryne C. Allen

ESD Audits -by Ryne C. Allen . . .an essential part of a good ESD control program

ESD Bags -by Ryne C. Allen; To Shield or Not To Shield

ESD Induced EM Radiation: -Ryne Allen writes about the problem

ESD Control Standards: Setting up an ESD Control Program- by Ryne Allen

ESD DISCHARGE TIMES: Controlling your Discharges - by Ryne Allen




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