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Danger at the Pump in Fort Worth, Texas

Before you read the following article:

The ESD Journal STRONGLY Disagrees with the final statement in the video of this report.

" you are putting this up (nozzle), if there is a problem, Austin Cochrum says this likely saved his life, this is a breakaway pump (coupling), pull on this, it will come away from the pump, that way the flames don't sneak up through the hose and into the pump and cause the entire station to explode.."

If people do as he says they will stay around the fire too long, possibly douse themselves in gasoline from the hose if it's cutoffs don't work properly (not to speak of just the half gallon or so in the hose) or worse, break the hose and spray gasoline all over the area.

The ESD Journal received this email about a hose breaking so it can happen.

My name is Matt, last year my wife and I were at a full service gasoline
station. When the attendant proceeded to pull the hose off of the pump the
gasoline hose split pouring gasoline over the inside of my vehicle, my
self and my wife.I then not realizing the danger, started my vehicle to
pull away, but not before being completely doused in gasoline. What could
have happened?? Where we in any danger by starting the car to move away?

Danger at the Pump: Fort Worth, Texas


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