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Static Electricity Suspected in Texas Fireworks Explosion that Killed Three

Paraphrased by
Steve Waldrop
July 7, 2003

An explosion, possibly related to static electricity was responsible for three deaths and the destruction of a fireworks warehouse in the small Texas town of Kilgore. The explosion destroyed the offices of Lamb Entertainment near the downtown area as the company was preparing for a fireworks show for the July 4th Celebrations.

Two of the victims were identified as employees of the company. The third victim was identified as the father of the warehouse owner.

The bodies of the victims were found inside the ruins of the warehouse. In addition to the three deaths, at least five other people were injured. A spokesman for Laird Memorial Hospital in Kilgore, said that the five injuries were minor, mostly cuts and scrapes. But the full extent of the injuries were not yet known.

Justin Singh, owner of a convenience store located a half mile away from the warehouse said that, "It was bad, people were all running scared. This is a small town. This never happens here."

The Mayor of Kilgore Joe T. Parker said that, "It's pretty bad. We've got houses in the neighborhood damaged, people out of their houses, and we're still fighting a fire although we've got the explosives contained, we believe.

Kilgore's Public Safety Director Ronnie Moore said that the blast shot fireworks and other debris for several blocks and damaged or destroyed six homes and displaced about 25 people. The Kilgore Police Department evacuated an area around the explosion for several blocks. The Red Cross is helping people find a place to stay. Kilgore is located about 115 miles southeast of Dallas.

The blast occurred only a day after a truck loaded with fireworks exploded into flames in a Florida Gulf Coast town, killing five people.

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