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Fowler Associates Labs



Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News

Anti Shoc

New device from Switzerland helps eliminate shocks from static build-up. It is also a cute way of demonstrating discharges greater than 60-100 Volts. This device is available in the USA from e-mat in Florida. We are printing the company's brochure data below. This device adds to those in previous articles and can help a person think about discharging their static before it is a confort or ignition problem. See the other articles:


Anti-Shock Brush

Isn't it true that you get zapped by annoying shocks of static electricity several times a day? You are not alone! Most people experience these unpleasant electrical shocks.

Why this unpleasant discharge?

Getting in and out of a car

Touching door handles, elevator doors or handrails

Touching metal closets or tables

Touching office machines and household appliances

Static electricity is always present, ANTI-SHOC being useful at all times.
ANTI-SHOC eliminates annoying shocks caused by static electicity.
Very practical and always with you, ANTI-SHOC can also be hung on a key-chain
ANTI-SHOC is Swiss made and does not require batteries. It will never wear out.

Application: Simply press ANTI-SHOC to any metal object to painlessly remove static electricity. The light inside will instantly show you that you are static free.

Measurements: Length: 3 inches
Diameter: 3/8 "
Weight: ½ oz.

Material: The front and back parts are made of brass.
The tube is plastic (no danger of becoming injured in case of accident)

Packaging: Length: 2 inches
Width: 1/2 inch
Thickness: 5/8 "
Weight: approx. 1 oz. (30 grams)

Box with 24 pieces: Length: 11½ inches
Width: 6¼ inches
Thickness: 4¼ inches
Weight: 2 lbs.


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