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Static Electricity Possible Cause of South Carolina Worker's Death

Columbia, SC- A worker for the Intertape Polymer Group that was severely burned at the South Beltline plant back in July has died.

Larry Boykin, 45, was burned when a fire started while he was pouring toulene into a five-gallon metal bucket. The chemical was used to remove glue from rollers and was part of the normal production process on the masking tape production line.

There were no other injuries reported at the time of the accident, however, both of the plant's lines were temporarily shut down and the 52 workers on the evening shift were sent home.

The plant resumed normal operations within a few days after temporarily shutting down for crews to clean-up.

Boykin was first treated at a local hospital but was transferred to the Augusta Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, where he died.

Fire officials suspect that static electricity may have built up in the bucket and sparked the fire.

September 20, 2006




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