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Possible Fire Hazards of Chimineas and Fire Pits

Research Shows That Chimineas and Fire Pits Can Cause Explosions!

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Fatal explosion of chiminea caused by liquid accelerant, investigators say

Boys Burned After Fire Pit Explosion

Man Dies After Explosion Near Fire Pit In Fayetteville, North Carolina Yard

Child injured in Comox fire pit explosion

Sailor Burned During Homecoming Party Dies From Injuries

McKinney fire pit explosion injures six children

Six Texas children injured in gasoline fire pit explosion

2 children badly burned in fire pit explosion

One injured in fire-pit explosion in Englewood

Officials urge residents to be cautious after fire-pit explosion sends father, daughter to hospital

Gresham Boy Injured In Fire Pit Explosion 8-21-2010

The Exploding Fire Pit















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