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New ESD Clip+GP Grounds Shelves, Wrist Straps, and Carts in Seconds

New Product from Static Dynamics
Aug. 2, 2011

Static Dynamics has taken the industry standard ESD Clip, added a Grounding Point for wrist straps and a snap for use as a cart ground or auxiliary ground cord, making it easy to ground yourself to the cart and the cart to a common ground. The new product, called the ESD Clip + GP, also electrically connects a wire shelf to a shelf post to reduce ESD risks caused by ungrounded shelving.

Install one ESD Clip + GP at each desired Grounding Point and then use standard ESD Clips to provide grounding for the remaining shelves. The entire unit should be grounded by using metal feet, a grounding chain or cable, conductive wheels, or other suitable method. The clips install without tools in about 5 seconds to fully assembled and loaded shelving and provide visual indication that the shelves are grounded. The ESD Clip + GP fits most Metro Super Erecta, Super Adjustable, and other compatible shelving. $14 each.

Static Dynamics has been a provider of ESD products and services since 2002 and has recently expanded its product line. Founder, Scott Newman, has several patents and continues to innovate in the field of ESD protection.

Visit or call (503) 646-2200 for more information.

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