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WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, USA - (July 13, 2010) - VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer has been selected by Huco Dynatork, Hertford, England, for its unique range of Multi-Beam couplings. These couplings are replacing metal in a demanding, high-voltage electronics assembly application used in the manufacture of plasma TV screens.

Outlining the development process, Dave Lockett, Managing Director for Huco Dynatork says, “One of our customers in Japan that specializes in the design and manufacture of highvoltage capacitors came to us with a request for a miniature coupling for an electronic assembly used in the manufacture of plasma screens. Serving to connect the drive from a small gearbox to a lead screw in a high voltage capacitor, the coupling had to meet a number of stringent requirements such as insulation and flexibility properties.”

The coupling had to be flexible in order to compensate for any unintentional misalignment which could occur between the gearbox shaft and the lead screw. Also it could not allow any current leakage or tracking across the drive.

A material that delivered excellent insulation due to its high surface resistance and comparative tracking index was required. The material needed to be flexible and have a high dielectric constant. Couplings made from traditional materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, were unable to provide these high level performance benefits for this demanding application. VICTREX PEEK polymer met all of the required criteria.

“Other plastics were trialed, but VICTREX PEEK polymer proved ideal for this job. As a result we have received a substantial ongoing order for a range of Huco Dynatork Multi-Beam couplings,” said Lockett.

“Huco Dynatork’s success in developing Multi-Beam couplings highlights the versatility of VICTREX PEEK polymer,” said Dave Adkin, Business Manager in the UK and Ireland for Victrex Polymer Solutions. “Material selection is critical for success in today’s electronics market. VICTREX PEEK polymer is a high performance material that offers part functionality, reliability and design freedom for electronic components. It provides environmental and regulatory advantages such as RoHS compliance and meets the demands of lead-free solder processes while being fully recyclable and naturally flame retardant without the need for toxic additives.”

For more information, please call (800) VICTREX or visit the Victrex website at .


About Huco Dynatork
Huco Dynatork is a British manufacturer and part of Altra Industrial Motion Inc. Based in Hertford, UK the company sells its precision drive products to most of the industrialized world. For more information, please visit

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