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Versatility and High Performance Highlighted in
New Victrex APTIV™ Film Brochure

Press Release
March 11, 2008

West Conshohocken, PA

-- A new 12-page technical brochure from Victrex demonstrates how its Victrex APTIV™ films provide a material solution for engineers and designers in high performance applications. APTIV films, based on VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, offer performance and versatility to meet the growing demands for reduced systems cost and improved product performance, including durability, reliability, miniaturization, and increased functionality faced by manufacturers across the globe.

The brochure details APTIV films’ unique combination of properties including high temperature performance, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, wear and abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption. Highlighted are key advantages of APTIV films including tight thickness tolerances, wide film widths up to 1.5 meters and a broad thickness range from 6 to 750 microns.

Various APTIV film grades are reviewed in-depth as well as secondary process operations that APTIV films can be subjected to post-manufacturing. These include adhesion surface treatments, coatings, slitting, die cutting and stamping thermal lamination, heat welding and heat sealing, thermoforming, laser marking, laser ablation and laser machining, printing and metallization.

In addition, there is comparative technical data including detailed charts comparing APTIV films to competitive films such as PI, PEI and PTFE. Also, the overall performance of APTIV films is reviewed versus a range of other films in terms of moisture uptake, hydrolysis resistance, tensile modulus, radiation resistance, puncture resistance, dynamic coefficient of friction, tear strength, abrasion resistance, gas permeation, oxygen transmission, dielectric strength, and dielectric constant.

Since the true test of success is proven performance, the brochure focuses on applications for APTIV films and details a number of case histories detailing its use on thin film antennas, diaphragm liners for back pressure regulators, membrane switch panels and sensors and microphone spacer films for mobile phones.

Note: If you would like a copy of this brochure, please contact Kris Jommersbach at

Victrex USA Inc., a division of Victrex plc, is the sole manufacturer and supplier of VICTREX PEEK polymer and APTIV films worldwide. For more information, please call (800) VICTREX or visit the Victrex website at or

Victrex plc is an innovative leading manufacturer of high performance materials, including VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer, VICOTE® Coatings and APTIV™ Film. These materials are used in a variety of markets and offer and exceptional combination of properties to help processors and end users reach new levels of cost savings, quality and performance. For more information visit: or


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