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RTP Company
May 23, 2011


WINONA, MINNESOTA, USA -- (May 19, 2011)

-- If not properly controlled, static electricity has the potential to cause damage when transferring static-sensitive
components. To protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), L&A Container uses an RTP 100 Series conductive polypropylene compound to mold its Stat-Cons* two-piece ESD-protective containers. The material from custom compounder RTP Company dissipates the electrostatic charge before it can accumulate to dangerous levels, thus preventing product damage.

Because the containers are used to ship valuable components such as electronics parts, automotive airbag detonators and high explosives, Ed Loritz, L&A Container Vice President of Sales and Marketing, knows there is no room for compromise. "Our customers depend on us to help them deliver their product safely, and they are, understandably, very demanding," he said.

To ensure its finished containers meet promised specifications, L&A Container carefully checks every raw material it receives. "Our containers require a surface resistivity of 10E3 to 10E5 ohm/sq to provide adequate ESD protection," explained Loritz. "And compounds from RTP Company consistently meet our stringent requirements."

"We've been working with RTP Company on this application for more than ten years," continued Loritz. "Their quality control and lot-to-lot consistency are outstanding. I have to admit that one time a few years ago we were enticed by an overseas supplier who claimed they could deliver 'the same' material at a lower cost. We tried a sample. Turns out we couldn't mold it; it just didn't flow properly. It wasn't worth it to try and save a few pennies. RTP Company's
compounds mold very well, every time."

The RTP 100 Series conductive polypropylene compound is used to manufacture Stat-Cons containers in a number of standard sizes, as well as custom containers
for specialty applications. L&A Container also manufactures a wide and diverse selection of other rigid plastic containers using RTP Company materials.

"RTP Company is an outstanding partner," commented Loritz. "We almost never have any issues with any of their materials, and, if we do, they fix it right away. They work hard to deliver a superior product. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 10."


For more information on RTP Company conductive and custom thermoplastic
compounds, call (800) 433-4787 or (507) 454-6900, or visit their website at

About RTP Company
RTP Company, headquartered in Winona, Minn., is a global compounder of custom
engineered thermoplastics. The company has eleven manufacturing plants on
continents, plus sales representatives throughout the Americas, Europe, and
Asia. RTP Company's engineers develop customized thermoplastic compounds
in over
60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring color,
conductive, elastomeric, flame retardant, high temperature, structural,
and wear
resistant properties.

About L&A Container, Inc.
In business since 1984, L&A Container Inc. is committed to manufacturing the
highest quality plastic containers while maintaining competitive prices with
short lead times. Our customer base encompasses both large and small
including many Fortune 500 companies. The markets they serve include
electronics, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical, dental,
health &
beauty products, hobbies, crafts, and promotional items. For more information,
please visit


* Stat-Cons is a trademark of L&A Container, Inc.

Note: If you would like more information about this story, or if you would like
to speak with a RTP Company spokesperson, please contact Kris Jommersbach at

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