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NASCENTechnology unveils new products


The old wire-wound transformer technology remained exactly the same, and not because it was the best technology, but because no one had a better idea - until now.

NASCENTechnology has developed a new Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) technique that has dramatically changed transformer technology, and will revolutionize the transportation, medical, aerospace and petroleum industries.

You can see the difference. And you can imagine the applications.

The new NASCENTechnology LTCC transformer is flat and thin, a fraction of the size of the old transformers. The LTCC transformer, because of its production process, can handle exceptionally hot temperatures. And the LTCC tranformer embeds the coil windings within one solid unit - a minature monolith. As a result, they are far more reliable, and able to withstand extreme shock and vibration.


To read more about the products, go to their website, here.

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