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Correct Use of Static Friendship Bracelets
April 14, 2011
Steve Fowler Fowler Associates, Inc.


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First, the static string works by a principle called "passive ionization."
This means when the thousands of conductive fibers in the string on your wrist comes close to earth or ground like the grocery shelves, ions will flow off the string reducing your voltage and therefore reducing shocks. In other words, the bracelet allows the voltage on you to be gently removed as your reach toward the shelves not in a painful spark.



To Correctly use the Static Friendship Bracelet, Please Follow These simple instructions:

1. Tie the static friendship bracelet to the wrist of the arm that you will be using to reach for groceries. This step will ensure that the ions are allowed to flow from you to the shelves and groceries ensuring you and they will be near the same voltage before you touch.

2. Use the arm that doesn't have the static friendship bracelet to push the shopping cart.







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