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Lightning kills three in Wisconsin


August 24, 2007

A lightning strike in Madison, Wisconsin, killed three people Wednesday when a thunderstorm with torrential rain hit during the evening rush hour. Investigators say several people were standing near a bus stop at a flooded intersection when lightning hit a utility pole causing a power line to fall in the water.

Police spokesman Mike Hansen called it a "horrific, tragic event."

The bus was approaching when the lightning struck and the wire landed in a flooded portion of the curb with deep water, electrocuting a woman and her small child. A would be hero on the bus got off to render aid and also was electrocuted.

A small child standing to get on the bus then tried to enter the water and was injured but survived. The bus driver tried to get off the bus and help but was shocked and fell back into the bus. Police say that saved his life. The driver and child were taken to the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Their conditions and names have not been released.

Eyewitness Raymond Boland said,"Just smoke coming up from the side of the bus and the whole side, and then all of a sudden you see flames pop-up."

The intersection of Northport and Sherman Avenue, was shut down to traffic. Emergency workers were trying to prevent any more deaths after the two adults and child were electrocuted.

Hansen said that "A lot of officers were affected because they couldn't jump in there and help because the wires were still live. There are some heavy hearts."






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