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Wisconsin golfer killed by lightning


August 29, 2007

Madison, Wisconsin-A lightning strike killed a 75-year-old Madison man Monday morning when he was caught in an unexpected thunderstorm while golfing with friends at the Odana Hill Golf Course.

Francis "Doc" Adams was under a tree with his golf clubs when the "unfortunate tragedy occurred," said Madison police spokesman Mike Hanson.

Adams was golfing in a group of four when the weather worsened. All four players headed back to the clubhouse after finishing the fifth hole, but when the others turned around, Adams wasn't there.

Madison Police officer Tom Grosse and the Dane County coroner's office said that Adams was taking shelter under a wet pine tree when lightning apparently struck his golf bag, killing him instantly. The power of the strike virtually disintegrated the bag, and left a large gash in the course that Grosse said gave him "goose bumps."

Odana Hills posts signs and warns golfers of severe weather before they tee off, but says it is up to the individuals to seek shelter. The course does not have sirens.

I'm sure we are going to be looking after today's incident, as with all tragic incidents, to review policies and look at things that can be done to prevent this in the future," said Odana Hills Golf Course director Ray Shane.

Shane said the golf course's policy on the threat of lightning on the course was reviewed by the city's manager and approved two years ago.



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