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Grand Teton Climber Killed by Lightning Strike

Paraphrased by:
Steve Waldrop
July 29, 2003

An Idaho woman was struck and killed by lightning as she and five others in her group were ascending the 13,770 foot Grand Teton, a park spokewoman said. The surviving climbers were taken to area hospitals to evaluate the extent of their injuries.

The injuries of the surviving climbers which included her husband, could have been caused by electrocution or from falls caused by the lightning's shock wave.

The climbers were in Grand Teton's Exum Ridge when a fast moving thunderstorm developed in mid afternoon.

Erica Summers, 25, was struck directly and killed. She was one of 13 climbers including her husband, who had divided themselves into four groups for the climb. Each group had at least one experienced climber.

"They all felt rain sprinkles and they didn't sense a big storm," said park spokeswoman Joan Anzelmo. "In fact, they only saw two major lightning strikes and one was the one they were struck by."

Rangers were flown onto the mountain to evacuate four of the five injured. Rangers had to rappel down to the fifth climber before he could be airlifted to safety.

The fatality marks the third time this year that a visitor to the park has been killed. All the deaths have been climbing related and all three victims have been females.




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