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Utah Campers Killed by Lightning

Lightning strike kills parents and injures three small children at mountain campground

Salt Lake City, Utah--The parents of three small children were struck by lightning and killed as the family sought protection from a thunderstorm under some trees near the shore of Crystal Lake, in the Uinta mountain rage, about 60 miles from Salt Lake City.

According to reports, Richard and Lisa Goff were sitting in metal chairs when the lightning bolt hit, during a thunderstorm that produced hail, heavy rain and frequent lightning. The parents were killed instantly, before the eyes of their three small children.

The children, a boy, 9 and two girls, ages 5 and 18 months were airlifted to Salt Lake City hospitals, where they were reported to be in good condition and nearing recovery from their injuries.

Friends of the Goff's said that the family enjoyed outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating, water skiing and hiking.

Outdoors is the most dangerous place to be during a thunderstorm. When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or when dark clouds are observed, quickly move indoors or into a hard-topped vehicle and remain there until well after the lightning storm ends. Each year, approximately 400 people in the U.S. are struck by lightning while outside.

Use the 30-30 rule where visibility is good and there is nothing obstructing your view of the thunderstorm. When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If that time is 30 seconds or less, the thunderstorm is within 6 miles of you and is dangerous. Seek shelter immediately. The threat of lightning continues for a much longer period than most people realize. Wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash before leaving shelter.

If you're caught outside and unprotected, following a few simple guidelines listed below may save your life.

Get in a hard topped car

Never use a tree as a shelter

Avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscape

Keep away from metal objects including bikes, golf carts, fencing, machinery, etc.

Avoid standing near tall objects

Immediately get out and away from pools, lakes, and other bodies of water

Spread out - don't stand in a crowd of people

If you feel a tingling sensation or your hair stands on end, lightning may be about to strike! Immediately crouch down and cover your ears. Do not lie down or place your hands on the ground.



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