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ESD Journal
Seal of Approval

Awarded to

Dangelmayer Associates, LLC
for its
ESD Program Management

The ESD Journal is pleased to announce the awarding of its 1st program "Seal of Approval" to the Dangelmayer Associates,LLC EPM System





Electrostatic Program Management consulting services is offered on a Global basis for both product design and manufacturing including facility-wide Technical Assessments, Training, Coaching Services, S20.20 Compliant Programs, Class 0 Expertise, Material Testing, Best Value Product recommendations and Assessments. This service reduces development and production costs, improved testing methods, shortened time-market intervals, robust designs that have passed Compliance Testing first time (every time), and improved productivity from their engineering and manufacturing teams.

The Program covers the following areas

Manufacturing ESD

Class 0 Expertise
Manufacturing Program Management
Coaching Services
Hot Line
Best Value Products Recommendations
Basic ESD Material Testing
ESD Technical Assessments (Including Supply Chain)
Gap Analysis between current & target EPM performance
ANSI/S20.20 Compliant Programs
Training Excellence
Unparalleled Program Management Metrics
ROI & ROA Data/Charts
Industry Benchmarking
Automation equipment analysis
Purchasing & packaging guidelines

EMI/ESD Design

Class 0 & EMI/ESD Designed-in Protection
Total Product Design Program Management
Coaching Services
Hot Line
Product Requirement Definitions
System Architecture Design
SW/HW Architecture Design
Physical / Mechanical Blade Design & Component Selection
Design Review & Inspection
Development Testing
Compliance Testing Support
Manufacturing Support (Supply Chain Assessments)
Deployment Support
EMI / ESD Training Excellence

For more information on the
Dangelmayer Associates
EPM Program
Ted Dangelmayer

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