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Reduce Static From Vehicle Seats

Turn Products makes a spray that will reduce the static on upholstery in the home office and more importantly - in the auto (or truck). This product may save your life if you have shocking experiences when you get our of your vehicle. With the dangers of auto fires becoming more apparent (see our articles) the need to keep auto seats less static prone is very important. Remember that many (but not all) of the fires reported were caused by people getting out of their vehicles, going back to the nozzle area and "BOOM!"

One way the spray works is by drawing the small amount of moisture in the air to the insulative seat material. This allows the electrostatic charges to not accumulate as a person gets out of the vehicle.

It helps reduce the static from office furniture as well as auto seats. It works on cloth seats and leather. The manufacturer says to just spray it on anytime you think you need to reduce the static. Depending on wear, it has been shown to last at least a month before a reapplication is needed. Sounds good to us at the ESD Journal.


For more information contact Turn Products:
Phone 1 800 462 1804
PO Box 17185
Spartanburg,SC 29301


Interesting Factoid: Read the warnings on a can of popular static eliminator spray

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