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Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News

Press Releases®

SCS Introduces New 497 Series Vacuums with Static Dissipative Hoses

SCS Introduces New Combo Wrist Strap & Footwear Tester

ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2016 Presented by Electrostatic Solutions, Ltd.

SCS Introduces Jacket Length Smocks

Staticworx Launches Ameriworx® ROX,"Visually Exciting" Static-Free Vinyl Tile
Blending Utility and Creativity

Staticworx Launches EclipseGF, Glue-Free ESD Flooring

Staticworx Launches Eclipse Rubber First flooring that inhibits static generation regardless of footwear


Statguard Flooring Introduces Epoxy Primer for ESD Floor Coatings

Desco Introduces New Dissipative Label Dispenser

2nd Electrostat-Ex Conference & Exhibition: December 10, 2014, Hilton Manchester Airport Hotel, Manchester, UK

Electrostatic Solutions Ltd: 2 Day Seminar "Achieving a Highly Effective ESD Program" November 18-19, 2014

Desco Introduces New ESD Workstation Cover

Static Solutions Introduces Two ESD New Waste Paper Baskets

New Catalog: Exair's New Catalog 27 Features Blowoff and Cooling Products

Exair's Product: Expanded Sizes of Digital Flowmeter Available

Desco Launches MagSnap 360™ Duel-Wire Wrist Straps

Desco Launches Statshield Foil Moisture Barrier Bag with IPC/JEDEC Moisture Sensitive Caution Markings

Exair's Product: Longer Super Air Knives Cover Wide Spans

Protektive Pak- Buried Shielding Layer- Conductive Fluted Plastek Sheets

Widget Works, a Product Development Company Introduces E-BOARD- Mobile-Compact Extremely Versatile

Exair's Product: Heavy Duty HEPA Vacuum for 110 Gallon Drums

RTP Company Introduces New Acetal Wear and Friction Compounds

New Protektive Pak's ESD Dissipative Turntable

VICTREX Obtains ISO Certification for Environmental Management System

Super Blast Safety Air Guns with Extensions Offer High Power for Hard to Reach Blowoff

Staticworx Launches ShadowFX PosiTile Carpet: “Positively the Preferred Static-Free Solution for Tate Raised Access Floors”

Procuct Update: Chip Vac is Now CE Compliant

Atrix is pleased to announce 6 new ESD Safe products w/10MM stud attached for unmatched ESD protection

Static Solutions, Ltd. Announces Dates for ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2013

Industry Pioneer Jeremy Smallwood Celebrates 15 Successful Years in ESD Protection & Control

KPS and Durapipe to co-operate on a technology transfer in conductive petrol piping

Static Solutions has been awarded the ESD Journal Seal of Approval for Ultimat™ ESD Rubber

Treck Product Launched with Satellite into Orbit

Exair's Product News: CE Compliant Air Nozzles Increase Efficiency and Decrease Overhead

MaKey, MaKey turns the whole world into a keyboard

RTP Company Adds Lines to Expand Production facility in Ladenburg, Germany

Exair's Product News: Safety Air guns with Chip Shields Protect Operators

Exair's New Product: Premium Chip Vacuum Available

RTP Company Acquires Conductive Business from Clariant

Specifying Static-free Floors- ESD sensitivity and risks for personal safety and electronic equipment- written by Dave Long, President & CEO of Staticworx

Exair's New Catalog 25 Features Static Eliminators

Statement from CSB Chairman Moure-Eraso on the Four Year Anniversary of the Catastrophic Imperial Sugar Explosion- Chairman continues to support a combustible dust standard and applauds success of recommendations

The Container Store Recalls Brightly-Colored Power Strips Due to Fire Hazard

Exair: Deluxe Super Ion Knife Kits Available

Douglas Krantz Expanding Business

KPS receives Intrade Innovation award

Exair: new product: Large super Air Nozzle Resists Corrosion and High Temperature

August 8, 2011 Press Release: Assure Safe Spot Cooling Operations with Exair's CE Compliant Vortex Tubes

August 2, 2011 Press Release: New Product from Static Dynamics New ESD Clip+GP Grounds Shelves, Wrist Straps, and Carts in Seconds

New Press Release from Staticworx:New Standards Create Need for Safer, Anti-Static Carpet
Introducing ShadowFX



Smaller Electronic Devices Create Growing ESD Problems for Data Centers, Call Centers, and Other Mission-Critical Environments - by Dave Long, President & CEO, Staticworx

July 15, 2010: Desco's New E-Catalog


July 13, 2010: NASCENTechnology releases new transformers and inductors

March 18, 2010: Staticworx EC Rubber launched with Industry's Lowest Static generation Flooring Properties

March 11, 2011: Noncontact Electrical Tester Recalled by fluke Due to Shock or burn Hazard

February 22, 2010: Staticworx Earns AIA Provider Accrediation, Offers Architects Education Credits on Anti- Static Flooring

September 15, 2009: Excentual Enterprises Introduces StopShox™- An Invention that Eliminates Static Electricity Shock

July 29, 2009: Blitz USA Recalls Enviro-Flo™ Plus Fuel Containers Due to Fire Hazard

April 2, 2009: Dangelmayer Associates and SIMCO Electronics Collaboration Addresses Electrostatic Discharge Program (ESD) Management Lifecycle (Word Doc.)

February 24, 2009: Desco Introduces New ESD Wrist Strap and Footwear Combo Tester X3

February 17, 2009: Menda Announces Assembly Workstation ESD Safe Organizer

February 9, 2009: John Chubb Instrumentation, Ltd. sold to Chilworth Technoloy- Message from John Chubb

September 26, 2008:Trek Introduces Electrostatic Voltage Sensor- Model 875 designed for in-line monitoring of electrostatic charge buildup; helps manufacturers improve production yields and product integrity

July 14, 2008:RTP Company Introduces New Series of Highly Conductive TPEs With Lower Durometer

June 27, 2008:CSB Issues Final Report on Barton Solvents Explosion

March 11, 2008:Versatility and High Performance Highlighted in New Victrex APTIV™ Film Brochure

August 14, 2007: Full Coverage Foot Grounder from ESD

August 2 , 2007: Static Solutions, Inc. introduces Ohm-Stat™ RT-1000 Resistivity Tester now comes with $400 worth of free probes!

August 1 , 2007: The Static Solutions, Inc. Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 Combination Data Tester now offers Foreign Language and Visual Caricature Display capability

May 17, 2007: Introducing--- Science and Engineering Encyclopedia- from

May 17, 2007: Proposed Test Method by John Chubb



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