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Taser Electrostatic Discharge Reminder & Avoiding Unintentional Discharge

Tactical Planning Unit reminds all officers that an electrostatic discharge, from any
source, contacting the front of the TASER cartridge can result in discharge of the
cartridge. TASER cartridges should be kept away from conditions which are known
to create electrostatic discharge. One example of this condition is rubbing a cloth
jacket liner across the TASER cartridge in an environment known to create static
Although extremely rare, TASER cartridges have spontaneously discharged,
including the spare cartridge on the XDPM (battery), while on an officer’s belt.
Always exercise caution when handling TASER cartridges. Officers should avoid
placing any part of the body in front of the cartridge.

Never attempt to open or modify a TASER cartridge. Tampering with live TASER cartridge
could cause it to discharge or malfunction, which could cause a serious injury.
Handle all TASER cartridges with care. Probes may deploy unexpectedly if exposed to
physical shock or static electricity, which could cause serious injury.
Additionally, the firing sequence for all TASER cartridges is designed to be initiated by
an electrostatic discharge delivered by the TASER ECD. This is an important design and
functional element for the TASER ECD and cartridge. However, an electrostatic discharge
can come from many sources. When an electrostatic discharge, regardless of the source,
contacts the front of a TASER cartridge, it is possible for the cartridge to discharge.
Therefore, avoid contact between static electricity and the TASER cartridge because
static electricity can cause unexpected discharge. Consequently, TASER cartridges
should be kept away from conditions known to create an electrostatic discharge, such
as rubbing cloth (i.e. jacket liner) across a cartridge in an environment known to create
static shocks.
ADVANCED TASER® M26C Operating Manual • MMU0029 Rev: A 9
Remember, although highly unlikely, it is possible for TASER cartridges to deploy outside
of the TASER ECD, or in and ECD that has not been activated due to contact with an
electrostatic discharge. Care should be taken to keep electrostatic discharge away from
TASER cartridges.

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