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Exploding Ceramic Gel Fire Pots


Napa Home and Garden Fireburners have been involved in at least eleven different burn injury cases since April 2011. At least two other cases have been reported by a similar product, BirdBrain Firepot. The victims have reported that the ceramic fire pot exploded, throwing the flaming fuel gel on them. The Napa Home and Garden has ordered Bed, Bath, And Beyond and other retailers to discontinue sales until the product has been reviewed. Bird Brain has no plans to recall their product at this time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received at least 8 reports of explosions and burns involving various brands of ceramic fire pots and FireGel.

FireGel, manufactured by Fuel Barons Inc., has been voluntarily recalled by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection . The fuel is more that 90% ethyl alchohol, which makes it extremely flammable.

A Press Release was Issued by Napa Home and Garden in regards to the products safety and warning labels.
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New Update!!

10 companies recall 2 million bottles and jugs of fuel gel for firepots

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The Victims

June 10, 2011) Sandi Grove from Grainger, Indiana, was injured when a Napa Fireburner exploded.

June 3rd, 2011) Jonathan Mitzman and Nick Stone of Manhattan, New York, were injured when a Napa Fireburner exploded.
Article of their story

June 3rd 2011) Jaime Perez from Minneapolis, was injured when her sister's Napa Fireburner exploded.
Video And Article of her story

June 3rd 2011) Robert, Kimberley, and Holly McCutcheon From Nebraska, (and Jaime Perez) were injured when Napa Fireburner exploded.
Article of their story

May 28, 2011) Michael Hubbard of Long Island, NY was injured whan a Napa Fireburner Exploded
Article and Video of his story

May 28th, 2011) Becky Hart of Ashburn Va. was injured after a friend's Napa Fireburner Exploded.

May 21, 2011) Rachel Similowitz from Charleston,SC, was injured after her Napa Fireburner exploded.
Video of her story
Article From

March 31, 2011) Lauren Levitt from Encino, California was injured when a Napa Fireburner exploded.

June 10, 2010) Skyler Kelly was injured when a Birdbrain Firepot Exploded.

April 3, 2010) William Anderson was injured when a Birdbrain Firepot tipped over, spilling fuel on his left side and leg.




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