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8-year-old badly burned, placed in coma after fire pit explosion

17-year-old girl electrocuted as her headphones 'melted in her ears'

ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2018
Jeremy Smallwood at Electrostatic Solutions

News Articles

Man catches pants on fire with e-cigarette

X-Rays Made with Scotch Tape: Scotch Tape produces enough radiation to image a human finger- A view from Katherine Bourzac

New York Cosmetic Plant Explosion Caught on Camera- 1 Dead- Many Injured

California father, 2 children recovering after being struck by lightning

Lightning is zapping fewer Americans, not more

Video shows a woman's purse catching fire at Boulder City council meeting

Texas girl dies while using smartphone in bathtub

1 man killed, 1 injured by lightning strike at Florida beach

Mountain biker killed by lightning on trail southwest of Telluride

One Marine Brain-Dead After Lightning Strikes MV-22 Osprey

You Tube: An Arc of Glowing Blue Ionized Energy During a Hailstorm

Dairy Queen customer records video of 2 massive lightning strikes

Massive explosion rocks Wisconsin plant, sparks fire

Lightning bolt kills Colorado woman and her horse

Regulators link hoverboard to deadly Pennsylvania fire

Missouri farmer finds 32 cows killed by lightning strike

Pensioner, 84, died in a freak fireball after static triggered a fire when he rubbed his hands on his petrol soaked clothes

Can an "easy fix" curb dangers of containers holding flammable fuel?

Caught on Camera: Vaporizer Battery Explodes in NJ Woman’s Purse

E-cigarette 'shoots fireball' on Universal Studios Hogwarts ride

Florida Family Claims Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phone Set Their Jeep Ablaze

Woman’s cell phone battery explodes on bed

4-year-old boy, corrections officer both struck by lightning in Florida

Lightning strikes Texas parents with son just steps away

Lightning strike kills 1, injures 2 people swimming in state park lake

Lightning strikes local radio station, blowing up part of a satellite dish

Lightning Strike in Poughkeepsie Kills One and Injures 4

Pair found dead in cemetery were hit by lightning

Toddler, pregnant woman, 3 adults blown off boat by explosion

Coshocton County boy killed when struck by lightning

5-year-old on vacation in N.C. dies after being struck by lightning

MO Dad Gets Seven Years for Fire That Killed Daughter, Man

Lightning strikes kill three people within a week

Lightning strike kills teenage hiker in Arizona

Charlotte teens hit by lightning in Florida

More than 500,000 hoverboards recalled after fires

Motorcycle rider hit, killed by lightning near Mt. Mitchell State Park

Marks and SPARKS: Widower, 65, saved from a deadly lightning strike by his £15 rubber-soled M&S slippers

Harnessing the energy of small bending motions

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces ‘Teslaphoresis’

Bee-sized drones use static electricity to perch like bats

Flowers give off electrical signals to bees

5 injured in Newnan aluminum plant explosion

Gas can placed in trunk of car sparks violent explosion at NY gas station

Exploding vaporizer rips hole in man's tongue

Family: Toddler's light-up shoes sparked fire inside SUV

ESA Newsletter
Electrostatics Society of America

Arizona teenager injured after e-cig explodes; faces surgery tomorrow to repair burns

New York teen badly injured by exploding e-cigarette

Alaska Airlines Passenger's Phone Catches Fire Mid-Flight; Airline and FAA Investigating

Quantum Stealth: US Soldiers Using Invisibility Suit Shielding Clothing- Grounded and shielded clothing, garments, shirts, hats, socks & more

Electrostatic Solutions Ltd. Presents ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2016

Fire explosions linked to e-cigarettes spark safety concerns

SCS Introduces Jacket Length Smocks

Staticworx Launches Ameriworx® ROX,"Visually Exciting" Static-Free Vinyl Tile Blending Utility and Creativity

Florida police officer in ICU after off-duty accident

Man in recovery after e-cig vaporizer battery explodes

Woman in Russia lights car on fire at gas station

You Tube: My hover board on fire

Unusual Static Car Fire
large file be patient

SEE IT: Hoverboard bursts into flames at Washington mall, shoppers evacuated

Explosion reported at Erlanger factory that makes "Airheads" candy

Man claims hoverboard ‘exploded’ under his feet

Insane Lightning Strike Hits Car In Australia

Lousiana Mother Claims Hoverboard Exploded, Started Fire

Man Critically Injured After E-Cigarette Explodes In His Face

Man In Coma After E-Cig Blows Up In His Face

Gas can goes up in flames at Charlotte gas station

Ferrari Bursts Into Flames At Martinez Gas Station

Man Sets Fire To Gas Pump Trying To Kill Spider

ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2015 Presented by Electrostatic Solutions, Ltd.

Toddler, grandmother badly burned when gas can explodes

23-Year-Old Severely Injured When E-Cigarette Exploded in His Mouth

Antistatic Issues in Protective Equipment Applications by Stephen L. Fowler

U.S. Lightning Deaths in 2015

Fire chief warns residents against pouring gasoline on fires

Manhole Covers Explode in Long Beach


Staticworx Launches Eclipse Rubber First flooring that inhibits static generation regardless of footwear

Sheriff: Autauga Co. woman killed by lightning while picking blueberries

Autopsy confirms Bakersfield man struck, killed by lightning

Newlywed couple hit by lightning on Mt. Yale; bride killed

BHSU student killed by lightning strike

Fire at Ybor mattress store blamed on static electricity

More than 500 injured in explosion at Taiwan water park

Lightning strike on Alabama coast claims life of 12-year-old Arkansas girl

Lightning strike kills Benson, AZ man

Man, 2 horses die after lightning strike in Missouri

Florida Man Apparently Killed By Lightning While Working On Roof

Lightning Kills Woman Hiking in Northern Arizona

Alabama couple killed by lightning strike

Lightning Strike Kills Woman in Iowa

Officials: Man, 81, killed by lightning strike in Largo

Fire at Pa. chemical plant forces residents to stay inside

Man dies at Beaver Lake after being struck by lightning

Georgia boy, 11, struck by lightning while fishing in Daytona Beach Shores

Lightning Strike Stalls Moving Car on Florida Interstate, Alarmed Woman Calls 911

Teen killed, 2 others injured in West Virginia lightning strike

Struck by lightning, man has scars but survives

Blaze caused by ‘static discharge’ at PA township chemical facility

What Happens If You're Struck By Lightning

Woman sets gas pump on fire in Israel after driver doesn't give her cigarette

Lightning Strikes 2 Airplanes Near Seattle Airport

Uses and Dangers of Static Electricity

Fans Struck by Lightning Outside Stadium Following Packers vs. Buccaneers

Static Electricity may to Blame for Gas Station Fire

Man Lit Self on Fire at Gas Station: Investigator

U.S. Fire Administration: Electronic Cigarette Fires & Explosions

One injured in asphalt plant fire in Missouri City

Porsche 918 Spyder burns at Caledon gas station

Burnt Maryborough pilot airlifted to Brisbane hospital

Girl burned alive in a BBQ restaurant

Barbecue restaurant customers in China set aflame after waitress pours fuel onto grill

Tennessee Teen Survives Lightning Strike

Mysterious Ball Lightning

U.S. Chemical Safety Board Warns About Danger of Hot Work on Tanks Containing Biological or Organic Material

Lynn Teen Severely Burned After Setting Fire To Washer Fluid

6 injured by lightning strike at Las Cruces school football practice, 1 critically

Suspect in Miami gas station explosion had previous arrests

N.C. Mom Arrested After Son Burned in 'Fire Challenge'

Unreal: Watch this Russian Gas Station Suddenly Explode in a Massive Ball of Flames

How Mawalih Petrol Station Caught Fire - Video

One injured, 5 vehicles burnt in Lagos Mobil filling station fire (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Petrol Station Explosion Leaves Two Injured

Woman struck by lightning inside house in Gorham

Cell Phone Explodes Under Pillow

One dead, 13 injured after lightning strikes at Southern California beach

Lightning strikes kill 2 in 2 days in Colorado park

Lightning Kills One, Injures Two on South Florida Beach

Baby struck by lightning recovering, has static hair

Florida roofer dies after being struck by lightning

Celebrating Nikola Tesla's Birthday
(July 10, 1856)
8 Things You Didn't Know About Nikola Tesla

Lightning Strike Kills Arkansas Teen

Twenty Seconds – Lightning Strike Survivor Shares Story

Georgia Man survives after lightning strike blows him out of his shoes

Storm Chaser Struck By Lightning -- And Lives (VIDEO)

Lightning bolt strikes moving pickup truck in Toronto

Texas Man Hit by Lightning Strike While Riding Motorcyle

Lightning Strikes Flagstick in South Africa

Car Struck By Lightning Near Lake Crystal, Minnesota

Powell County Kentucky worker released from hospital after lightning strike

Defect with gas pump ruled out in explosion

The Rev. David Wentroble, burned in gas pump explosion, dies

Minister Severely Burned in Gas Pump Fire

Connecticut Man Critically Hurt in Gas Pump Blast

Connecticut Gas Station Blast Probe Continues; Minister Severely Burned

Incredible Picture Shows KLM Flight From Amsterdam Hit By Lightning

9 Injured In Acid Tank Explosion

Chinese man left disfigured after STATIC electricity from his clothes as he dressed sparked gas explosion

Fire chief: Static electricity may have sparked Hamblen County, Tennessee gas station fire

Static electricity may be to blame for Virginia gas station fire

Widget Works, a Product Development Company Introduces E-BOARD- Mobile-Compact Extremely Versatile

Something you have in your home started this fire

Lightning Strikes Tower Bridge, Amateur Photographer Captures Spectacular Image (PICTURE)

Gassy German Cows Blamed for Barn Explosion

Work begins to repair Brazil's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue after lightning damage

Separate plant blasts kill 4 people in Nebraska, Oklahoma

2 Injured In Lab Explosion

Japan chemical plant blast kills five

Lightning strikes killed fewer Americans than ever in 2013

Wal-Mart agrees to contribute $25 million to settle gas can explosion lawsuits

Amazing Video: Car Struck by Lightning

Watch Lightning strike car in slow motion

Video captures moment Georgia man lit his wife on fire while playing with a lighter at gas station: police

UPDATE: More surgery planned for girl burned on slide

Girl, 2, severely burned when gas ignites on slide

Investigators: Massive Tanker Fire Caused By Static Electricity

Bolt from the blue: Did North Bend man get hit by lightning through a church window?

Woman Claims E-Cigarette Exploded, Shot 4-Foot Flames Across Living Room

E-cigarette wrecked car when it EXPLODED 'like a firework' while being charged overnight leaving seats destroyed and windows blackened

E-cigarette explodes, burns child

Fatal explosion of chiminea caused by liquid accelerant, investigators say

Possible Fire Hazards of Chimineas and Fire Pits

Serbian president unveils Nikola Tesla monument in New York

Oklahoma chemical plant rocked by fire, explosions

Father of three dies after fire pit explosion

Lightning strikes gas station- hits man (Youtube video)

Lightning strikes South African footballers (Youtube video)

2 pilots killed in UPS jumbo cargo plane crash near Alabama airport

Lightning starts fire at Venezuela refinery

How do you recover from being struck by lightning?

Apple to Investigate Report of China IPhone Electric Shock Death

Counterfeit iPhone charger causes another electric shock in China, sends man into coma

Apple Responds To iPhone Electrocutions By Telling Customers To Use Apple Chargers

Car Struck By Lightning In Utah After Boy Wishes For It (VIDEO)

Investigators search for cause of propane plant explosion

Decades later, hair-raising photo still a reminder of lightning danger

American Men Almost 6x More Likely Than Women to Be Killed by Lightning

At Least 8 Injured After 'Humongous' Blasts at Florida Propane Plant

Static electricity blamed for car fire in Australia (video)

Static electricity causes fire in midtown Tucson

Static electricity likely to blame for Big Diamond fire; promoter says fuel building will not be rebuilt

Fire at South Bend, Indiana factory blamed on static electricity

Is static electricity at pump a real danger?

Fire Dept: Static electricity caused fire that destroyed 2 planes, 2 cars and hangar

Static electricity spark may have caused Williams pit fire

Static causes fire at New Zealand petrol station

You’ll Get a Charge Out of This: Static Electricity and Absorbents

Static electricity causes fuel can to explode, home burns (Australia)

Indiana Grain Elevator on Fire Day After Blast

Indiana Grain Elevator Blast Kills Worker

Two dead in fireworks plant explosion near Montreal

Lightning Deaths: Fishing tops the list

A Virus That Creates Electricity

Anniversary of the Hindenberg Disaster

North Carolina Gas Workers Burned

Video from National Geographic: The Skin Game; of interest to burn victims

Fuel Barges Explode On Mobile River, Injuring 3 (VIDEO)

Deadly explosion rocks Texas town

Electrostatic Solutions, Ltd. Announces Dates for ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2013

Columbiana County Well Explosion Caused by Static Electricity

Static electricity believed cause of oil well explosion

Image of the Day: What 15,000 volts of electricity looks like through wood

Higgs Boson Discovery Confirmed After Physicists Review Large Hadron Collider Data At CERN

The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster Finally Solved?

Hand sanitizer may have ignited hospital fire that hurt girl, 11

Police: Pa. Mom Charged, Let 3-Year-Old Pump Gas

Students build giant Tesla coil that shoots 15-foot sparks to Mario Brothers theme

Bolt from the blue: Lightning strikes St. Peter's after pope's announcement

ELON MUSK: Those 787 Dreamliner Batteries Are Fundamentally Dangerous

Three teens in hospital after Mount Pleasant bonfire mishap

Explosion Forces Shutdown at ADM Plant

Massive Gas Plant Explosion in Mexico

6 children hurt when gas can explodes in Texas

Video clips from “What Destroyed the Hindenburg”

KPS and Durapipe to co-operate on a technology transfer in conductive petrol piping

Exploding phone sets fire to boy's bed

Drove my Chevy to the Bleve !

City warns of cell phone link to cancer

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

Richmond Hill Explosion Near Indianapolis Puzzles Officials, Residents

Fatal Durham, NC hospital fire may have started during defibrillation

Eight Texas Workers Injured in Propane Tank Blast

TSA saves America from 16yo diabetic, breaks $10K insulin pump which totally could have been a bomb

TSA Screenings Update for People with Diabetes

Insulin pumps vs. TSA Security, Air travel update for last Quarter 2012

Today We Celebrate a Woman Who Saw the Future of Computers

Death by defibrillator: FDA called to address hacking risk

You Tube- Gas Tanker Explosion in China Kills Three - FULL VIDEO

Pa. Junior Firefighter Critical Afer Training Mishap

The internet has created a new industrial revolution

"Baby" lightbulb boasts 8 years of light

Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb: Hidden Inflections Points

Bill Moggridge, the inventor of the modern laptop computer, dies

No way to prepare for deadly lightning strike, say New Jersey school officials

New in the Maker Shed: Perma-Proto Boards

Picking Resistors for LEDs

Do fish die when lightning strikes the ocean?

Fabric turns body heat into electricity

Lightning Strikes: Recent images of lightning around the world

Backers raise cash for Tesla museum honoring 'cult hero'

The Power Above: Kite Power Seeks High Altitude Power

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

Electrocutions in the Water Near Docks

How the Higgs Boson Posits a New Story of our Creation

Top 10 of the most dangerous US states for lightning deaths

Scientific phenomena caught behind the lens

2nd boy dies after shock incident in Tennessee lake

Grieving father fights invisible killer: Electrical shock to swimmers

Understanding Electrostatic Ignition Sources- Dr. Jeremy Smallwood's new article in HazardEx Magazine

APNewsBreak: Evidence of 'God particle' found

Caught on Camera: Man plays with lighter near gas pump, sets car on fire

Scientists Twist Light to Send Data: Beams of Light Can Be Twisted and Combined to Transmit Data Dramatically Faster

Geek alert: Apple I motherboard circa 1976 sells for $374,500

Environment exposure tests of Electron Emitting Film for Spacecraft Charging Mitigation (ELF'S CHARM)

Massachusetts Man Catches Fire After Applying Sunscreen

Amazing natural phenomenon – Rainbow and lightning together in the sky

Scientists suspect thunderstorms as climate culprit

New Article on How to Use the Static Bracelets

Paralyzed Woman Powers Robotic Arm With Her Mind

New Terahertz Wireless Connection Faster Than Your Microwave Oven

Electric Imp Will Connect Everything to the Internet

The de/Rastra oscillographic synthesizer will make you wish you hadn't tossed out that old TV set

NVIDIA outs a pair of Tesla GPUs to electrify your supercomputer

Researchers use virus's rogue traits to create electricity from motion

Scientists Tweak Wireless Power Transfer- Telsa Nods Happily in his Grave

Electrical Engineer Can Feel Magnetic Fields Through Magnets Implanted in His Fingertips

Generating Electricity from Viruses

Solar Activity Intensifies

Engineers Build an Electrical Switch for Magnetic Current

75 Years on, Hindenburg Airship Disaster Still Shocks

Nanotechnology Shock Waves

Tiny Electronic Chips Restore Sight to 2 Blind British Men

Image Sensor Implants used as Makeshift Eyes for the Blind

Inside the First Production- Ready Electric Airplane

Explosions Create Split-Second Illusions of Light

New Solar Flare Bursts from the Sun

Taser Electrostatic Discharge Reminder
Avoiding Unintentional Discharge

Russia's Electromagnetic Gun Attacks Central Nervous System

Engineers build an electrical switch for magnetic current

Man Drinks Gasoline from Jar, Lights Up, Dies

Researchers Build First Physical 'Metatronic Circuit'

One and Done: Single-atom transistor is end of Moore's Law

Cell phone- based sensor for detection of E.Coli

Electric Cigarette explodes in Florida man's mouth

Dishwasher fires investigations continue....

Statement from CSB Chairman Moure-Eraso on the Four Year Anniversary of the Catastrophic Imperial Sugar Explosion-Chairman continues to support a combustible dust standard and applauds success of recommendations

More Power Strip Problems The Container Store Recalls Birghtly-Colored Power Strips Due to Fire Hazard -U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Trace Adkins Home Destroyed by Fire caused by Power Strip

Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields-for additional information please click here: NOVOCURE-An oncology company dedicated to the development of tumor treating fields therapy

Ferroelectric switching discovered in soft biological tissue

Jim Pharr in Discovery Magazine
Spark of Truth: Can Science Bring Justice to Arson Trials

Ever Wonder Why....Voltage Measured by a Static Meter Does Not Fall Off with the Square of the Distance?

Largest Telsa coils ever will recreate natural lightning

Printing living tissue from an ink jet printer..... What electrostatic issues will we discover are needed?

Static Charge Causes Oklahoma City Car Fire-UPDATE!

ShenZhen BaiXin Science and Technology Static Dischargers
enjoy their web site
Our Offer Still Stands Which We Stated on Our Article
We Challenge Wireless Wrist Strap Manufacturers!!!

Gas Tanker Explodes, Burst into Flames in Melbourne, Australia

KPS receives Intrade Innovation Award

Mother of woman burned during surgery says daughter didn't know what happened

iPhone 4 Explodes Midflight on Australian Airline

Laptop Wi-Fi said to nuke sperm, but caveats abound

Detox Foot Baths Investigation-Inside Edition interviews ESD Expert Steve Fowler for this informative story.

Latest Updates on the Kansas Grain Elevator Blast-3 men killed, more bodies expected to be found

Specifying Static-Free Floors

Implantable pacemaker inventor Wilson Greatbatch dies

Dropped Keg Sparks Flash Fire, Hazmat Call

World's smallest motor: 1 nanometer in diameter

Learn More About: Lightning Injuries By Mary Ann Cooper, Christopher J. Andrews & Ronald L. Holle

Ceramic Fire Pot Candles are Exploding

Gas Station Blast Rocks St. Augustine
Click here for an update on this story

August 19, 2011 St. Augustine, Florida
Major Fire From Fuel Explosion Put Out In 3 Hours; 1 Injured

New Report on fires at US Service Stations


Papers &

Statguard Flooring Introduces Epoxy Primer for ESD Floor Coatings

Desco Introduces New Dissipative Label Dispenser

Desco Introduces New ESD Workstation Cover

Static Solutions Introduces Two ESD New Waste Paper Baskets

New Catalog: Exair's New Catalog 27 Features Blowoff and Cooling Products

Press Release
Protektive Pak- Buried Shielding Layer- Conductive Fluted Plastek Sheets

Staticworx® Named to the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 List

New Press Release
Exair's USB Data Logger Available for Digital Flowmeter

Press Release
Static Solutions has been awarded the ESD Journal Seal of ApRubber

Press Release
Treck Product Launched with Satellite into Orbit

New Press Release
Exair's CE Compliant air Nozzles Increase Efficiency and Decrease Overhead

Press Release
MaKey, MaKey turns the whole world into a keyboard

Press Release
Rtp Company Adds Lines to Expand Production facility in Ladenburg, Germany

New Press Release
Safety Air Guns with Chip Shields Protect Operators

New Press Release
NRD Introduces Two New Products to the Staticmaster Line

New Press Release
Dual High Temperature Cabinet Cooler Systems for Large Enclosures

New Press Release
RTP Company Acquires conductive Business from Clariant

New Press Release
Specifying Static-free Floors
- ESD sensitivity and risks for personal safety and electronic equipment- written by Dave Long, President & CEO of Staticworx

New Press Release
Douglas Krantz Expanding Business

New Press Release
KPS is Awarded The Intrade Innovation Award for 2011

New Press Release
Product News: CE Compliant Safety Air Guns Assure Safe Operations

New Press Release
New Product from Exair: Atto Super Air Nozzle for Precise Blowoff

New Press Release
Staticworx Makes Inc. 500/5000 List for Second Consecutive Year

New Product From Desco

Press Release
New Product from Static Dynamics
New ESD Clip+GP Grounds Shelves, Wrist Straps, and Carts in Seconds

New Press Release from Staticworx:
New Standards Create Need for Safer, Anti-Static Carpet
Introducing ShadowFX

New Press Release From Desco:

New Technical Paper -


A Blast
The Past


Ionisers Created 50 Rainstorms in the Desert Region of Abu Dhabi

Fabric Softener Increases Flammability In Infant Clothes

New Static Friendship Bracelet

Static Electricity can play havoc with cochlear implants

Static Shocks on Treadmills

Static Shocks In Supermarkets

Slides: A Playground Menace

Meet the woman allergic to electricity



















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